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Roadway Construction Solution 01

Roadway tool to place manhole covers precise and durable in the pavement.

The RCS is an unique, patented system for placing manhole covers . The use of an RCS in combination with a standard cover must guarantee an perfect and lasting placing by a roadworker.

Until today, there was no system or method which enabled road workers of placing a cover in a perfect way. The RCS redeemes road workers and asphalt workers of the stress and the problems that the placement of lids involves. Because the solution is sustainable, infrastructure managers and city councils are being saved from future complaints.

Solution : RCS-01

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Pascal Bisschop is the owner and founder of Pascal Bisschop BVBA a contracting company specialized in roadway construction . As an experienced roadway constructor , he is perfectly aware of the latest products and techniques available . The last 20 years he sat in the front row to implement new products and techniques in the construction of roads. Because of its experience in the field , he is also fully aware of the difficulties and problems for which no conclusive solution yet exists. He wants to use this practical knowledge to develop new products which increase the quality of roadways and make the work of roadway constructors easier. Laurens Kinget is Industrial Engineer Electro Mechanical (Ghent University and TU Delft). He also studied International Business at the London School of Economics. In 2012 he won the award " the Ghent student entrepreneur " . As a young entrepreneur, he wants to use his academic knowledge to improve the quality of roadways by means of mechanical products.

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Our passion is roadway construction, our mission is the pursuit of perfect roads around the world. Our team of dedicated members, all specialists in their field, listens to the feedback of roadway constructors and uses this input to solve problems that arise in roadway construction.

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